Make mistake, enjoy reward! #Thetrainer

Folks, don’t be afraid to make a mistake! Without mistakes, we all would still be riding horses and packing water to the house! Now, you don’t try to make mistakes but when you do you have to keep your head and look around at your circumstances so you may learn from that moment ! All of my best learning has been post-mistakes! So go out … Continue reading Make mistake, enjoy reward! #Thetrainer

Living & loving responsibly!

Folks, if everyone slacked on their responsibilities then nothing, anywhere, would get done! We would have total chaos and everyone blaming everyone else. But when each person demands, of himself or herself, total attention to their “own” responsibilities then our little world is much less hateful and much more happy! I am here to say that it “feels” good to know that I lived up … Continue reading Living & loving responsibly!