Time for common sense!

Folks, a great way to start making proper choices is to fall back onto a little common sense! My dad was the best businessman I haver ever known and he only has a 1st grade education! What he has in spades is COMMON SENSE! #thetrainer #Insideoutfitness #thetrainer #personaltrainer #functionaltraining #hoodriver #insideoutfitnesshoodriver #ultramarathon #fitness #functionaltrainer #healthContinue reading “Time for common sense!”

The wonderful experience of giving! #Thetrainer

I love Halloween! It’s fun to dress up and people give to kids they don’t even know! That is so cool! I love to give and I love seeing others giving, but when you give to a stranger that makes you smile it is a wonderful experience for both! Happy Halloween! #thetrainer #Insideoutfitness #thetrainer #personaltrainerContinue reading “The wonderful experience of giving! #Thetrainer”

This couple found fitness and loving it!

When you first start training your mind and body, it’s very hard to know what you are capable of. Then as you move along in your progression, it’s very evident that the human body is able to achieve so much more than you could have fathomed! That’s what this couple has found out, but theyContinue reading “This couple found fitness and loving it!”

One fantastic “fitness” couple!

Orlanda and Erik get Inside Out Fitness’s “Fitness Couple Award”! This is one great couple! It’s a joy just to watch them interact! This is just a teaser, I will send many more pics and more information about them and what they think of fitness and relationships. Thank you, #thetrainer #Insideoutfitness #thetrainer #personaltrainer #functionaltraining #hoodriverContinue reading “One fantastic “fitness” couple!”