Dare to be you!

Be yourself regardless of what others think! I haven’t always done so but I am much happier now that I do! If you have a goal then follow it even if your friends say it is silly or whatever. The Trainer #thetrainer #Insideoutfitness #rustic parkour #personaltrainer   #functionaltraining #hoodriver #insideoutfitnesshoodriver #ultramarathon #fitness #functionaltrainer #health #running #fitnessaddictContinue reading “Dare to be you!”

Dare to be YOU regardless what they think…

Whoso would be a man, must be a nonconformist. He who would gather immortal palms must not be hindered by the name of goodness, but must explore it if it be goodness.   Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Absolve you to yourself, and you shall have the suffrage ofContinue reading “Dare to be YOU regardless what they think…”

Responsibility…got control of yours?

Folks, accepting responsibility & the benefits from it goes way beyond the political realm. The only way to move forward in life and make improvements is to accept responsibility so that you may move past that point and keep your eyes on the prize! If you make a choice in training and it ends upContinue reading “Responsibility…got control of yours?”