Show me some heart!

Folks, when choosing a goal, make sure that it is something very important to you in many ways! What? Let’s say you want to be buff and look awesome,   if there isn’t any other reason you can come up with after looking deeply into your heart then you may get that awesome “looking” body butContinue reading “Show me some heart!”

Kirk excels…period!

Kirk, winner of “Fat Fighters 6” will be Inside Out Fitness’s “Athlete of the Month” for November! Kirk works extremely hard in the studio but also takes care of business outside of those 4 walls as well!   How do I know? Look at the guy! He sees me twice a week which does a heckContinue reading “Kirk excels…period!”

One happy couple!

Orlanda and Erik received Inside Out Fitness’s award for most outstanding fitness couple! They both train, separately, with me but they do so much more together away from my studio walls!   Just this past weekend they ran a half marathon together! Both are wonderful to train! The Trainer #thetrainer #Insideoutfitness #rustic parkour #personaltrainer #functionaltraining #hoodriverContinue reading “One happy couple!”