Why functional training?

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Why Functional Training?

Functional training simply means to train for the way you live your active lifestyle so you can do much more, with less injuries and improve your life immensely! Traditional gyms with machines  (piston style training) only work a small portion of each muscle that repetitively “bangs” that same spot over and over again, eventually causing injuries that can set you back further than when you started training, i.e.: your headed backwards! Functional training, on the other hand is excercising with a lot of motion and working several muscles together in a “flowing” motion the way it naturally happens in real life! What you get is a better looking, more balanced body, with less pain, that is capable of “doing” and not just bulking up!

Functional training involves using your body in all the angles that it is actually capable of doing! Every time you create a different angle by changing hand or foot position or pulling or pushing from a higher or lower position or all the other possibilities, you totally change what your working and your entire workout alltogether! Some people look at a piece of equipment and see one  exercise but I see hundreds! That means at Inside Out Fitness you will never, ever have the same workout twice! That means you can actually smile and have fun because doing the same thing over and over is extremely boring and the last thing you think of as fun!

So drop that hopeless, non-productive, almost non-existent in movement, “piston style” attempt at  exercising and get started on some inspiratory, self reliant, passionate producing, ageless and near physically perfect full body movement training known as “Functional Training”! Whether you train with me or find another Functional Trainer, please get some of this in your life today! Rick Dant “THE” Trainer! #thetrainer #Insideoutfitness #rustic parkour #personaltrainer #functionaltraining #hoodriver #insideoutfitnesshoodriver #ultramarathon #fitness #functionaltrainer #health #running #fitnessaddict #workout #cardio #train #training #healthy #parkour #freerunning #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #determination #lifestyle #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #e

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