Why I do what I do…

imageWhy I do what I do.


My given name is Rick, but I go by The Trainer. I love to help others improve their lives. That is my entire purpose for being where I am! As a kid, I was always doing things in a “bigger”, and hopefully, better way than any around me. I was constantly told that I was smaller and inferior to most others. I didn’t much care for that so I set out to be a “doer”! When I was 12 I announced that I was going to start “working out”. By the looks on everyone’s faces you would have thought I had announced I was pregnant! But I did start exercising. Many times I would work on the farm 10-12 hours and then go train, in the dark, in my grandmas tobacco barn. It was pitch black but I had memorized exactly where everything was so I could still lift! Why? That’s what everyone wanted to know! They would say, “Tom, is your boy a few turnips shy of a full load? Working hard in the dark when he should be taking it easy in the house?” What they didn’t know and couldn’t comprehend was that I had “passion “, and with that I knew I could take on and complete any task I set my mind to. Passion allowed me to keep working when most would give up! I didn’t have to be the smartest or strongest, I just needed to be a “passionate doer”! Also, that “easy” they kept talking about would bite them in the butt in a few years, as it did! So I kept lifting and also set my sites on things my family felt could never be accomplished for us, such as college! I got a degree in computer programming. I didn’t stop there. A few years later I got a degree as a nurse and worked in CCU (Coronary Care) for 15 years, all the while lifting and competing in power-lifting and bodybuilding! It was in those 15 years that I got to know the human body. It is so unfortunate that most people know their automobiles better than they do the vehicle(body) that they lug around 24/7!

It was within those 15 years, however, that I got more interested in “Functional training ” and running. I started my own functional training business in hood river called Inside Out Fitness . I have found that to be good and healthy at anything, one must work from many angles, not just one such as running! If you want to have a long running career, let’s say, then you must work your body equally and at as many angles possible! You must strengthen areas that you will need when your major areas, like quads give out!

“Don’t hold onto anything too tight!” I have run about 600 races from 3K to 125K.I recently decided that after 600 of these, there Wasn’t much more for me to get from them! So, I decided to do more with my body and mind and am starting what I call “Rustic Parkour”! It is Parkour(getting from point A to point B as fast as you can by using your body to jump, climb or whatever it takes), but it is in mountainous area instead of urban! My goal for myself and my clients is to keep improving and keep moving forward!

So that’s the short of it. I am putting that “passionate doing” behind what I know best, the human mind and body, and my goal? To help as many people as I can! Help them feel strong and powerful within themselves! To help them feel good about themselves. Why? People who like themselves spread it around! So you can start that beautiful process yourself, wherever you are as well! Thank you, The Trainer



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