Abs and how to get them to show!

To get the abs you want you must work them at many angles and remove the fat that is covering them. That

Kyla tries the “Fit Ball”! 

Kyla is using the “Fit Ball” to work her core! This works great! I bet she is soar today! The Trainer    https://www.thetrainerhoodriver.com

Fat Fighters 7 coming in two weeks! 

Fat Fighters 7 in two weeks! I can’t wait! The Trainer   https://www.thetrainerhoodriver.com #Insideoutfitness #thetrainer #personaltrainer #functionaltraining #hoodriver #insideoutfitnesshoodriver #fatfighters7 #fatloss 

Kyla is back! For a short time! 

Kyla was in on leave from the army where is learning Chinese (speaks it well) so she stopped in to get a

Jacob is “kicking it!” The Trainer 

We have been celebrating all month long, Jacob, our most improved teenager of 2015! He has improved immensely and everyone is noticing!

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