More angle! The Trainer 

Always about those angles! Here I am using a 37# Bulgarian Bag! As you see I am keeping my torso straight ahead while the bag is dropped to the side. If I didn’t then it wouldn’t be much different than doing these lifts straight ahead! The Trainer   #thetrainer #hoodriver#personaltrainer #functionaltraining #functionaltrainer#rusticparkour #insideoutfitnesshoodriver #ultramarathon #fitness #functionaltrainerContinue reading “More angle! The Trainer “

Jacob, making strides! The Trainer 

Jacob is 14 and when he first came to me at 12 years of age, he wasn’t yet ready to put in a full workout because he was only 12. So I went with his flow. Within the last 6 months, however, he started “asking” for more “training” in his sessions. Now, he flat kicksContinue reading “Jacob, making strides! The Trainer “

Ingrid knows functional training 

Ingrid really knows what functional training means! It means training for real life! Here she is pushing a 45 pound plate on the carpet! Ingrid is so cool! I bet nobody else in that gym does anything like that! Too bad, they could learn something from this lady! The Trainer   #thetrainer #hoodriver#personaltrainer #functionaltraining #functionaltrainer#rusticparkour #insideoutfitnesshoodriverContinue reading “Ingrid knows functional training “