Don’t play lotto with your life! The Trainer 

Most lottery winners are broke after a couple of years… Wasn’t prepared to have money and couldn’t handle it.Same thing with fat

Simple is simple! Leave it at that! The Trainer 

Folks, just having a little fun but sometimes the obvious is looked over in favor of things that make losing fat seem

Free session! Women do full pull-up! Free session to 1st 3 in 2016!

The first 3 women to do one full complete pull-up in 2016 get a free session! The Trainer #thetrainer #hoodriver#personaltrainer #functionaltraining

Coming soon! Boxing lessons one on one!

Coming soon! Beginners to Intermediate boxing lessons! Who? The Trainer Where? 15 3rd St. Hood River Oregon. 541-490-8717. The Trainer #thetrainer

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