Parents, get behind your kids and their training! The Trainer 

Parents, remember that you need to be on board with your child when he or she wants to have a trainer work with them. Without your support, very little can happen! The Trainer #mostimprovedteen #insideoutfitness kids #kid #Thetrainer #personaltraining #functionaltraining #fitness #gorgekidstriathlon #children #childrenphoto #love #cute #adorable #kids functional fitness scholarship program #young #sweetContinue reading “Parents, get behind your kids and their training! The Trainer “

Responsibility. The Trainer 

When I take on a client, I expect them to be responsible for their part of the arrangement. That means showing up on time, working hard and letting me know when they have pain so we can stop. I will do my part by doing everything I can to help you reach your goals! IfContinue reading “Responsibility. The Trainer “

Keep moving. The Trainer 

Folks, I love training people who are ready to make changes in their body and mind! If you have some other need then please keep moving and try to find a trainer who will take your money and give you little in return! You probably won’t have to look far! Thank you and have aContinue reading “Keep moving. The Trainer “