Boxing and functional training Club!

Folks, are you tired of working on machines where you can just daydream because it only goes forward and back? Where those same machines are much more likely to cause an injury because it pounds over and over the same spot! If you desire to work at a factory so you can pick up something and put it in the same place over and over and over, then you may like machines! For the rest of you, check us out! The “Boxing and Functional training Club”! The Trainer 15 3rd St. Hood River! #thetrainer #hoodriver#personaltrainer #functionaltraining #functionaltrainer#rusticparkour #insideoutfitnesshoodriver #ultramarathon #fitness #functionaltrainer #health #running #fitnessaddict #workout #cardio #mma #training #healthy #parkour #freerunning #columbiarivergorge #active #strong #motivation #determination #lifestyle #getfit #fatloss #fatfighters7 #boxing

4 thoughts on “Boxing and functional training Club!

  1. I totally agree! Calisthenics and free weights are the best, and exercise bikes are good when its too cold and icy to ride for real. Curious – do you teach the boxing stuff also? Have a boxing background?

    1. I have just added a boxing room onto my studio. Yes, I have done a lot of boxing, as far as training with good boxing coaches and sparring a lot and training on my own using it as a fitness tool. For one reason or another, I’ve never had any actual fights. I’ll be training boxing fitness and beginner boxers only. I’ll be going to Thailand this summer to take a “muay thai”camp for a week!i like to keep educating myself! Thanks for asking and “keep moving”! The Trainer

      1. Outstanding sir! I’ve been training and teaching boxing/martial arts for years, and it is great for fitness. Train hard, train safe, and keep your hands up at all times!

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