Kirk checks in!

Kirk checks in! He’s hanging in there! This looks like it will be a close race! Stay tuned! The Trainer Boxing/Functional Training

Erik checks in!

Fat Fighters 7’s own Erik has checked in for March. Keep it up guy! The Trainer Boxing/Functional Training Club Hood River

Top 5! Thai Boxing / Muay Thai 

Posted by Sean On February 04, 2014  Best 5 Tips For Your First Muay Thai Fight    #1. Understand Your Opponent Is Human Too

Orlanda checks in! 

Orlanda checks in for March Fat Fighters 7 ! Folks there is a reason I have this contest for a full 6

Julie checks in!

Julie has checked in for March 2016 as a part of Fat Fighters 7! She is just stepping right along! Go Julie!

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