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Want great results? It’s never easy as it never should be! In the long run, you won’t want it to be!

Great results should feel like you’ve worked for them!

Because they’re only accessible through that path. The Trainer

I “Walk the Talk!” Have been training myself since the age of 12. Have competed in 58 bodybuilding shows, 32 powerlifting events, around 30 arm wrestling events, around 250 marathons and about 200 half marathons. I think that if you are a trainer that you should love what you do and then there will be no doubt when you have clients that you and they are exactly where you belong…

  • Important…

  • Please before you contact me, go to other personal training sites in the Columbia River Gorge and observe. I think you will see that two things stand out as quite a bit different. Knowledge of the human body (I was an ICU/CCU nurse for 15 years & trainer for 17 years!) and the prices that are stated for one to one training for a full hour where all equipment is only for you! Also, you and I will be the only people in the studio (unless under age and then the parent may sat in at any time). Thanks, The Trainer

Where else can you get all these free things and pay the least amount for personal training in the Columbia River Gorge? Oh, and your trainer has 15 years experience as a RN in CCU.

Free water bottled. Free use of towels. Many chances to win $$ by answering “question of the day (about exercise and the body)” $2.00 for daily questions and a $25.00 question at renewal(you can’t lose anything) Listen to YOUR MUSIC! One to One training for a full hour! An hour length consultation for free! Get some equipment such as bands for FREE! If I cancel less than 24 hours then you get that session and a FREE one! The best in personal training and FUNCTIONAL TRAINING!

Be the real you!

About your trainer:

(I ) I worked in the medical field for many years , and I know the body very well! Since early 2000’s I have had my own business (functional training) and since 2012 I have maintained my business at my studio at downtown Hood River Oregon 97031. When you train with me, it is only you and I in the studio! All equipment is there for you and you only! I will do so much more than just give you a workout. You will receive teaching (studies prove the more you know about your body, the more your body benefit)

My training is less expensive than any other trainer in the Columbia River Gorge! Yes, you get a full hour. You will also have many chances to answer the multiple choice questions about the human body(the idea is for you to learn about your body so that it will benefit your goals of taking care of your body!) You will accumulate gift certificates with every correct answer. If you don’t get the question correct then nothing happens, that’s right you can only win!

  1. PLEASE Go to contact page and fill out form and hit submit to set up a free consultation! Provide a few days/times that will work for you and I will get back to you! Thanks, The Trainer


Generally speaking, if one starts any new exercise with a slow warmup, using low weight(or no weight) and stops immediately if pain starts(stopping early is key), then it should be ok to proceed. Pain is our body’s Way Of saying “You’ve had enough for now”! But going slowly is how you detect any problems early enough to prevent further issues. If you are going too fast, in the exercise, you may not detect the pain early enough to prevent damage! The Trainer

It’s all you! The Trainer

  • Why? What is it? Functional Training? Why do functional training ?
  • #1 name anybody (yes, anybody) that became a great athlete, with good endurance, that got there working machines (only) in the gym? Psst. That would be none!
  • Football, basketball, MMA or any other athlete has only gotten there because they got to know themselves and they applied FUNCTIONAL TRAINING!
  • Functional training is like going to the tailors for a perfect fit of clothing V.S. Going to Walmart and take whatever they have. (That ain’t going to MEASURE!)



Please go to contact page…


Functional training helps you work your entire body! Are you ready? “THE” Trainer!

Get functional…

Try everything and toss what isn’t right for you!

Chuck is working to stay fit but also to help deal with a pretty difficult “scoliosis” issue! Go Chuck!

Functional training (with your help) will get you from the “grind” you are in to the “positive power” that you are seeking, where you feel control of your mind, body and life! “THE” Trainer! (RN)*

Meet CHUCK @78

My “Athlete/Month!”

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