The best in “Functional Training!”

Honesty, Common Sense and a big helping of “FAITH!” That, along with the willingness and desire to change for the better, is what I believe will lead you to your goals and beyond!” “The” Trainer/Inside Out Fitness 

Look! Your “TEACHERS” are everywhere! There are no mistakes, simply “new teachers & new teachings!”

Are you “confident” about your “Dreams?” Are ready to go for the life you have “dreamed” of? Are you prepared to walk “hand in hand” with the “Universe?” by all means, proceed!

Inside Out Fitness

“The” Trainer

I do not “pre-plan” your entire workout before you get there! That’s a “very good thing!” We “create” your workout based on… 1- your goals 2- How you’re feeling when you arrive 3- What you “feel” like you “want” to achieve in the moment before you begin! 4- What will help make you “happy” and that usually changes throughout the day so we don’t want to make up something before we know how you’re “feeling” in the moment you arrive for your session! 5- how you “feel” will decide what you want to do and what kind of “intensity” you will have “available” for your session! So let’s “use” that to achieve a better overall “session!” 6- however, I also consider the fact that we don’t want to only work the same muscle group all the time!

“The” Trainer

Let’s truly get you where you want to be! That’s my goal for you … To reach your goals you have for yourself! I never say anything I don’t mean and that I’m not prepared to be judged in the future by my clients!

“Functional Training” designed specifically for you! Nothing pre-planned!

Are you ready for something …

… New & exciting that truly works better? Read on …

Let’s build something great together. Let’s make that something we both want… that is to help you reach and continue past your goals that you and I will work together in order for you to achieve the happiness you deserve!

Training inside your home or outdoors, usually in a park… Hood River Oregon and Stevenson Washington areas! In- home allows you to stay where you are and I come to you with equipment! Outdoor training is the ultimate “atmosphere”for achieving your best in “Functional Training!”

Outdoor training requires that you know quite a bit about your body! But don’t worry if you dont now, after some training you definitely will! Thats when you really start your “teaching!”

Think about this… we hear things like, “think outside the box!” Meaning, “to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective!” So we say the one-liners but do we ever get outside that darn box? Know this: if you are using “machines” to train with, it’s very difficult to “get outside that box!” As a matter of fact machines go a long way to keep you “boxed in!”

Here’s what I’m doing to help you get out and stay out of the “box!”

… well, for training, I have found a way to not only get out of the box but to do a lot of good, positive, “goal shattering! That is to venture “off the beaten path!” No more… #1- using clipboards to work off of while training! #2- having the client’s entire workout made up before seeing the person the day of training! #3- not allowing the client, on the day of training, to have very much input on what “their” own session will look and feel like! #4- doing the boring, repetitive tasks of sets like “3 sets of ten!”

 • “small, consistent steps will get you further…” - “The” Trainer 

So I’ll break each down and explain how I feel that I have a better way… First, “clipboards,” I have nothing pre-planned before the session, this allows for a better “flow” of training and definitely takes away much of the “boredom!” So without pre-planning the session the “spontaneous” actions that come to light, is extremely effective at giving the client’s mind/body something new all the time and that’s refreshing and creates an atmosphere where you can’t wait to train again! Also, I don’t even know, before the client gets there, what areas of the body or what genres (boxing, resistance exercises etc.) we’ll be using because that information is left up to the client after they arrive! So by giving the client more “input” and “control” over “decisions” regarding their session and their workout, and their body, I am helping to “empowering” them to feel like they are the “main” one’s creating this wonderful “change” in their life! As it should be!

If you’ve ever took control of something in your world and created something wonderful from that, then you know what I’m talking about here! When you feel that you have “generated” your own positive outcome, WOW! That’s powerful stuff!

“What if I did pre-plan every part of your training session?

By not “pre-planning” I am encouraging great “communication!”

What if I did pre-plan everything and you get to your session and have to tell me that you hurt your leg just now on the way here, but I had pre-planned a leg workout for you! That wouldn’t work out so well! Also, by not pre-planning your session, I can give you a much better workout! Why? Because I use a “tool” I learned very well as an RN (I worked in CCU for 15 years). That tool is called “Assessment!” That’s when you sum up (effectively & quickly) what your patient’s, or in this case “client’s,” needs are and go to work helping them achieve them “swiftly” and “thoroughly” As an RN, that is your #1 needed tool, to keep your patient’s heart beating and of course that’s extremely important!

Keep in mind that we are doing “Functional Training,” not just “Personal Training!” What’s the difference? With Personal Training, there is usually a lot of “Piston style” exercises. What? It’s exercising, many times with “machines,” where much of the exercises are done in a straight line (like a piston in and out the same way!), however, the problem with that is two-fold, one is that type of training generally sets someone up for potential “injuries!” Because you are “hitting” the same exact area over and over and getting “overuse injuries!” #2- is that type of training doesn’t serve you up very well for activities of “real life living!”

 “‎Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”- Mother Teresa

“Functional Training,” on the other hand incorporates more “circular” type movements! It also resembles to some degree, more “real-life-movements!” As an example: think what would happen if all the football players were only trained on “piston style machines…” Then they were asked to go into a football game and run around throwing and catching balls and doing those “reality type” things that are definitely not “piston style “machine” moves! Do you think they’d be very good at their positions as “football players?” No! Absolutely not! So they must train, functionally, to complete their tasks! Think about it? If you only want to train to be better in the gym and not for anything other in your life then “personal training” is ok! But if you intend on improving your actual “real life situations,” then I highly suggest you get some great “Functional Training” under your belt!

So what I do is get to know my clients well and also their “goals!” By not already having exactly what we will do down on a “clip board,” I will start with an exercise (after I have shown it to you, I always do that first!), then I will follow that up with another exercise that is like the first one but different in that I will make it a little harder (I call this “building on the exercise) and we continue to “build” until we are prepared to move on to another muscle group! This way I am assessing you consistently so as to get more from each movement!

Every time you come to see me, I will ask two questions: #1- are you having any pain? If you are then we can stay away from that area so as to not make it worse… Question #2- What do you have a preference to work on today? I’m not asking you to create your workout, just how you’re feeling and what would you like to work on? Now, if you say the same thing each time then we would have to have a talk about it! But if we work on what you are feeling like you would be happiest with that day, then I assure you you are going to enjoy your session much better! And if you have fun, you’re much more likely to “want” to return again! That, my friends is extremely important because if you don’t train then you have absolutely zero chance of getting from where you are to where you want to be! Thanks! Inside Out Fitness/ “The” Trainer

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When contacting, please give your name, phone number, age and what is you number 1 goal! Thanks again…



Let’s build something great together. Let’s make that something we both want… that is to help you reach and continue past your goals that you and I will work together in order for you to achieve the happiness you deserve!

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