Top 5! Thai Boxing / Muay Thai 

Posted by Sean On February 04, 2014  Best 5 Tips For Your First Muay Thai Fight    #1. Understand Your Opponent Is Human Too Very rarely during my first few fights did I ever consider how my opponent was feeling leading up to fight night. After some experience, deep thought and reflection I realized that my opponent goes through the same emotions that I do before stepping … Continue reading Top 5! Thai Boxing / Muay Thai 

Orlanda checks in! 

Orlanda checks in for March Fat Fighters 7 ! Folks there is a reason I have this contest for a full 6 months! Life goes on and sometimes we may gain a little fat along the way. Happens to all of us. Well this month Orlanda had done just that! But with 3 1/2 months left, there is plenty of time! Go Orlanda! The Trainer … Continue reading Orlanda checks in!