Jack London: a boxing story!

   Jack London: The Mexican, The Game, Abysmal BruteA PIECE OF STEAK Jack London began this short story May 15, 1909 and finished it June 2, 1909. On October 11, 1909 he received five hundred dollars for the story. It was first published in The Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 182, November 20, 1909. WITH theContinue reading “Jack London: a boxing story!”

A Muay Thai story!

The Story of the Tiger King     The Chiang Mai annals tell the fifteenth century story of two Muay Thai champions. In 1411 King Sen Muang Ma died leaving two sons and two claims to the throne – one too many. The sons Yi Kumkan and Fang Ken started a gruelling war for the throne.Continue reading “A Muay Thai story!”