10 Round Kickboxing Heavy Bag WorkoutFemale kickboxer/ 180 degree MMA// The Trainer . Hood River. Columbia River Gorge.

10 Round Kickboxing Heavy Bag WorkoutFemale kickboxer/ 180 degree MMA// The Trainer . Hood River. Columbia River Gorge.

10 Round Kickboxing Heavy Bag WorkoutFemale kickboxer

How many of you have ever taken a cardio kickboxing class at your school or local fitness center? Chances are, you said yes. Now how about challenging yourself to a kickboxing workout with proper technique, movement, and the actual resistance of a heavy bag. You do not have to be a competitive kickboxer to benefit from the incredible cardiovascular and anaerobic conditioning of this full-body workout. Kickboxing is one of the most challenging and effective full-body conditioning workouts out there. Plus, training with proper form and technique does not require an entire team or even a partner, although a good trainer is best to help you progress. The point is, you can practice the techniques of kickboxing all by yourself.
The following is workout program consisting of three progressive levels of 10-round kickboxing workouts to help you get started. This program is based on three-minute rounds with a one-minute rest between rounds. It’s strongly suggested you pace yourself in the beginning. The goal is to make it to the end of ten rounds successfully. As you get more comfortable and you’re conditioning improves, graduate to the more difficult levels by incorporating the more advanced combination rounds. Also, it’s always important to keep moving. If your arms begin to fatigue, slow your pace and do more movement around the bag between combinations. Keep your heart rate up and sustained for improved conditioning and effective fat burning. But most importantly, have fun and just keeping moving, even if you’re just bouncing in place. As you advance you can begin implementing active rest between rounds like practicing the “duck and turn” or doing sit ups or push ups, especially in the warm-up shadow boxing rounds.

The first level is designed for those who have not yet learned the leg work of kicks and knees, or for those who are interested in practicing a boxing only workout to their kickboxing training.
Let’s get started! And make sure in between throwing the combos, to incorporate moving around the bag to your left and right for all rounds. You don’t want to just stand in one spot and repeating the combos. Also, if you’re stance is southpaw (right foot forward, left foot back) then just reverse ‘left’ and ‘right’ where instructed below.
Level 1: Just Boxing

  • First 2 rounds are shadow boxing to warm-up before you start hitting the bag in round 3.
    Round 1 – Shadowbox with hand wraps or gloves on in front of a mirror to watch your form and technique, just throwing jabs and crosses

Active rest: Pivot stance (Duck and turn) Squat straight down in fighting stance and turn left by pivoting on the ball of your left foot (and stepping over with your right foot) and then squat and turn to the right by pivoting on the ball of your right foot (and your left foot stepping over). Continue for one minute.

Round 2 – Shadow box combos with hooks and uppercuts

Active rest: Abdominal crunches with legs straight up

Round 3 – Jab/Move: Circle bag (to the right and left) with good movement in between left jabs only

Round 4 – Jab/Right Cross: Circle bag in between 1-2 combos

Round 5 – 3 Punch combos: Alternate between Double Jab/Right Cross and Jab/Double Right Cross

Round 6 – Jab/Right/Left hook

Round 7 – Right/Jab/Right hook

Round 8 – Jab/Right/Left uppercut and switch to Right/Jab/Right uppercut mid round

Round 9 – Jab/Right/Left Hook/Right Hook

Round 10 – Double Jab/Right/Left Hook/Right Cross

Level 2: Kickboxing Novice

Rounds 1-5 – Repeat first five rounds of Level 1 with active rest

Round 6 – Low kicks: alternate left kick/Right kick

Round 7 – Jab/Right kick, Rt cross/left kick

Round 8 – Jab/Right/ Left kick, move then Rt/Jab/Rt kick

Round 9 – Jab/Right/Left knee, move then Rt/Jab/Rt knee

Round 10 – Right/Left hook/Rt kick. Move. Jab/Rt hook/Left kick

Level 3: Kickboxing Intermediate

Rounds 1-7 – Repeat rounds 1-7 of Level 2

Round 8 – Jab/Right/Left knee/Rt knee

Round 9 – Jab/Right/Left hook/Rt kick. Then reverse: Rt/Jab/Rt hook/Left kick

Round 10 – Jab/Rt/Left knee/Double rt kick. Then reverse: Rt/Jab/Rt knee/Double left kick

Beginners should start out by doing two sessions a week of the Level 1: Just Boxing program for two weeks. Followed by two weeks of one session Level 1 and one session Level 2: Kickboxing. Then do two weeks of Level 2: Kickboxing. Then two weeks of kickboxing novice and the intermediate programs. Lastly, followed by two weeks of the intermediate kickboxing only.
In just 10 weeks you should see major changes in your body and you will have had fun doing it. Train to good music to keep your spirit and intensity level up. Always listen to your body. If you begin to feel faint or out of breath, slow down, drink some water or take one round off to recover if necessary and see if you can continue. Remember the name of the game is progress, not perfection. If you can only do 5 rounds to start, that is great. Try to add a round each time you train to increase your cardiovascular conditioning. You will reach your goals. Be patient with yourself and consistent. Maintain two sessions a week and you can even go the extra mile by joining a kickboxing gym with professional kickboxers who can teach you proper technique so you don’t practice your movements wrong. You’ll build self-esteem and confidence while having fun.

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