Danny Jacobs and the 5 Most Inspirational Boxing StoriesBilly Miske/ The Trainer . Hood River. Columbia River Gorge 

Danny Jacobs and the 5 Most Inspirational Boxing StoriesBilly Miske

William Arthur Miske, aka the “Saint Paul Thunderbolt,” started his career as a middleweight in 1913, during what would later come to be called the “no decision era,” eventually fighting at light heavyweight and heavyweight for the remainder of his career.
In 1918, Miske was given the inconceivable news by his doctor that he had Bright’s disease, a kidney related ailment, and that he had five years to live, if he was lucky. In a sport where a punch to the kidneys can end a boxer’s night, Miske was given the life-ending equivalent by his doctor.
Yet, not only did Miske keep the news from his family, only telling his manager, but he continued to box, most notably losing to Jack Dempsey in a third-round knockout in 1920.
Despite the loss to Dempsey, Miske continued to fight and win for the most part, going 19-1-1 from 1921-1922, but by 1923 his health was failing and his chances were fading.
In November 1923, struggling financially and with a strong desire to give his wife and three kids one last memorable Christmas together, Miske convinced his manager Jack Reddy to get him a fight. His opponent was Bill Brennan, whom he knocked out, taking a $2,400 payday in the process, which he used to make his last Christmas with family unforgettable. He went on to die on New Year’s Day 1924. The Trainer Boxing/Functional Training Club Hood River http://www.thetrainerhoodriver.com #thetrainer #hoodriver#personaltrainer #functionaltraining #functionaltrainer#rusticparkour #psychology #muaythai #fitness #functionaltrainer #health #running #fitnessaddict #workout #cardio #mma #training #healthy #parkour #boxingfunctionaltrainingclubhoodriver #columbiarivergorge #active #strong #motivation #determination #lifestyle #getfit #fatloss #fatfighters7 #boxing

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