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Build Stronger, Sculpted Abs by Getting to Know Your Abdominal Muscle Anatomy!
“By Better Knowing Your Rectus Abdominus, Obliques, and Transverse Abdominal. You’ll Get Toned, Sexy Six Pack Abs Faster!”


Abdominal Muscle Anatomy
Abdominal Muscle Anatomy 101 is now in session. Are you ready for it? Great!
It’s helpful to know your abdominal muscle anatomy so you can better target your particular areas of concern. There are three primary muscles: 

Rectus Abdominus
The rectus abdominus is referred to by two distinct regions, the upper rectus abdominus and the lower rectus abdominus. Which is actually one large muscle.
Abdominal Musle Anatomy – Rectus Abdominus

However, we address them separately. As they must be isolated and targeted with different exercises.
The upper rectus abdominus creates the prized six-pack abs. Although a ripped six-pack appears to be different muscles, it’s simply one large muscle with layers of connective tissue. This is typically the strongest abdominal muscle — it begins at the sternum and extends to the pubic bone.
The lower rectus abdominus lies below the navel.

The obliques extend along the sides of the abdomen, extending from the bottom of the rib cage to the top of the hips.
Abdominal Muscle Anatomy – Oblique Muscles
The obliques allow the trunk to twist and move side-to-side. They form attractive, elongated, sculpted lines.

Transverse Abdominal
The transverse abdominal muscle is the most important, yet perhaps the most overlooked, of all abdominal muscles. The transverse abdominals wraps around the torso like a corset, just below the rib cage (this is the muscle that’s activated when you suck in your gut, cough or sneeze).
Abdominal Muscle Anatomy – Transverse Abdominal
This very important muscle holds internal organs in place, provides balance and coordination for all daily movements, and stabilizes the lower back and torso during heavy lifting. But few traditional exercises address the transverse abdominal!
What’s worse, the transverse abdominal muscle is only engaged during movement. The advent of computer technology and the resulting sedentary workplace turns this muscle to mush! This, in turn, allows internal organs to bulge the abdomen outward.

Conclusion of Today’s Abdominal Muscle Anatomy Class
All four abdominal muscle regions must be isolated and worked to achieve stronger and sexier abs. So, be sure to do a variety of exercises during each workout to target all areas of your abs muscles!

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