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• Takes effect February 18, 2018 My birthday!

I’ll be 54 years young!

To my awesome clients: It has been 6 years (yes six years) since my last rate increase on training sessions (making it, at that time, the first increase since starting my business in 2006). Most businesses increase prices pretty much every year.

During this time many improvements have taken place. I’ve added much more functionality and privacy with the addition of my studio (I used to train at gyms where we were forced to wait long periods for equipment that was anything but functional and then my clients would have the distractions of all the other people around them. Now they have their own private space and tons of functional equipment, much of which you would have to drive for hours if you wanted to train elsewhere with it). Also, don’t forget that my training you comes with it the knowledge that I have obtained from 15 years as a RN! I assure you that if I had paid a few hundred dollars to get a certificate on line, my knowledge of the human body and how to use it would be quite a bit less, to say the least!

Then with the “big expenditure” of the martial arts room (that most clients use) 2 years ago, making the studio more capacious for my clients and giving them a lot more choices of activities to do as part of their sessions . (Even with this, I didn’t increase fees).

Additionally, the daily questions worth $2.00 in gift certificates and the $25.00 gift certificate renew questions added 5 years ago, (decreasing your rates and enhancing your knowledge) is something not seen anywhere else! Although, I hope they will be in the future. My clients participate in the “daily question “, for free and take no chance at losing anything (I am the only person that stands to lose, but I don’t see it that way. If I can be a help to get someone to understand their body better then it is a win-win). I absolutely love seeing my clients save money by using their mental processes with great knowledge of their human bodies!

Moreover, I now give the client 5% off when full payment of the contract is made upfront.( I would rather spend our time training than talking about you making your monthly payment). Also, I have added the free use of towels and free bottled water (try getting either of those at your local gym or any trainer, for that matter!). Furthermore, my clients may play “their choice of music” during sessions in either room. I strongly encourage folks to listen to their own music to make their session a highly enhancing one, giving them more reason to produce their best, so as to get the most from their training! I also do something that I feel is only fair but rarely seen! If I give you less than a 24 hour notice of cancellation of your session, I will give you a FREE session that is tacked onto the end of your contract! Again, only fair!

I’ve also added tons of “new stuff” (functional training equipment), when was the last time you were at a gym and they brought in something new on a regular basis? As you see, I have new stuff quite often! All the new equipment aids in making training more fun and we all know that if it’s fun, you’ll want to do more which means attaining better shape. That in turn brings better “health”! Of course, better health means “feeling alive” and doing activities we enjoy. It also means less “pain” in our older years (I saw way too much pain, a considerable proportion that probably could have been avoided, in my 15 years as an RN). Let’s not forget the many advantages that come when we are younger as well, like simple things such as “feeling” better in our clothes as we move throughout our day or being able to take advantage of our wonderful outdoors here in the Columbia River Gorge! There is so much to offer(ex. Hiking, running, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking or just plain sightseeing!), that if one wants to, it is most certainly achievable!

I want to thank all my clients! I love getting up in the morning so that I may help each and every one of you! That, in turn, helps me and that wonderful “circle of life” continues as only “IT” can… Rick “THE” Trainer!

What’s the change?

Starting February 18, 2018

[ ] One session only is $60.00

[ ] 3 month contract will be $38.00/session

[ ] 6 month contract will be $36.00/session

[ ] One year contract is no longer offered except to the few that take advantage of it now(for them it will be $30.00/session and the pay up front is now 5%)

Most clients do a 3 month contract, so if you did a 6 month instead, you would only pay

$3.00 more per session than previously! We could then save time by doing the contract only twice a year!

Folks, have a wonderful 2018 and of course, “keep moving”! Better said by Mr. Albert Einstein, “Nothing happens until something moves “!

Thanks, Rick “THE” Trainer!

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