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Working “angles,” simply boils down to “never leave any part of the body behind!” Or any part of any parts behind! Thanks 🙏

It’s all you!

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Functional training is training for your life “outside” my studio walls! Think about it, your “real world” doesn’t have sets and reps that you repeat over and over, not that we don’t do that but not all the time. Most of the time your day is different “every step” because your day doesn’t stay “static,” it’s constantly changing! You need to prepare for those changes! The Trainer

  • Why? What is it? Functional Training? Why do functional training ?
  • #1 name anybody (yes, anybody) that became a great athlete, with good endurance, that got there working machines (only) in the gym? Psst. That would be none!
  • Football, basketball, MMA or any other athlete has only gotten there because they got to know themselves and they applied FUNCTIONAL TRAINING!
  • Functional training is like going to the tailors for a perfect fit of clothing V.S. Going to Walmart and take whatever they have. (That ain’t going to MEASURE!)


FREE CONSULTATION please text request (day/time) *will last a full hour! 541-490-8717


Functional training helps you work your entire body! Are you ready? Rick “THE” Trainer! (RN)*

Kirk, 70 is ready!




Get functional…

Try everything and toss what isn’t right for you!

Chuck is working to stay fit but also to help deal with a pretty difficult “scoliosis” issue! Go Chuck!

Functional training (with your help) will get you from the “grind” you are in to the “positive power” that you are seeking, where you feel control of your mind, body and life! Thanks Rick “THE” Trainer! (RN)*

Meet CHUCK @78

My “Athlete/Month!”

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