Response to general?

(First name), thanks for contacting me. We need to do a “FREE” 60 minutes consultation first to determine if we are a good fit(trainer//client). All sessions are a full 60 minutes (not all trainers do that ). As far as what I do and cost I will direct you to my website There, on the first page you will find all you need. As far as prices go, I have researched trainers in the Columbia River Gorge and I will tell you that I am $10.00 session lower in price( per session ) than anyone else. Having said that, I don’t know their credentials but I have 15 years experience as an

RN CCU, personal trainer since 2006, competed in 59 bodybuilding shows, 32 power lifting events, over 500 foot races, I have clients from 6-95 in age and personal training is the only thing I do! I have a studio with tons of equipment and my clients (One On One training Only) are the Only people around except myself, of course! So check out my website and you can send me a message through the form on the first page! Thanks again, The Trainer (RN)* Personal Trainer, “One On One Only”

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