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The Secret to a Balanced Body We live in a three-dimensional world. The trouble is, unlike the guy who moves furniture for a living, our workouts are often one-dimensional. In other words, most men work their muscles in only a single direction—forward and back, for instance. #functionaltraining #fitness #workout #personaltrainer #training #gym #crossfit #fitnessmotivation #functionalfitnessContinue reading “From Men’s Health”

Farlow says

When it comes to challenging your muscles or stimulating them in various ways, if you’re not training your muscles at different angles, you’re leaving precious gains on the table.

Got angles?

If you think of building muscle as basically just sets and reps and weights, you’re not wrong. But to fully activate every last muscle fiber and stimulate a muscle to grow, you have to make it contract at different lengths. That’s why it’s so important to train with a variety of exercises that work musclesContinue reading “Got angles?”