Both please

The answer for me is “both”! Use both self motivation and your surroundings for only as long as they are needed.

Take working out for example. I can work out with more motivation at my studio where everywhere I look, it yells out “training”, “exercise” and “play”! Now when I try to train at my home, everything around me says, “home”! I look to my right and I see a refrigerator, left… television, forwards… laundry, you get the point! So what surrounds you is very important.

Now this is important… “self motivation” is extremely important if I want to “maintain” that wonderful feeling of “I can do this myself“! It’s more difficult early on to use self motivation, but if your goal is to continue getting into better condition and to not “slide backwards” then SELF is your key! I would suggest folks use more common sense and less of “patterned” ways of learning. Common sense says to use what you need at the moment to advance but never intend on “staying” there! Be open to flowing from one thing to another and never attach a specific thing to what you do. Example: never set up a 1-3 month “plan” ahead of time. Why? You’ve just dug yourself a hole and declared that regardless of how well (or not) you’re doing you will “stick to the plan”

Your plan is to “just say no” to plans and yes to allowing your brain to “do it’s thing”! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)* #functionaltraining #fitness #workout #personaltrainer #training #gym #crossfit #fitnessmotivation #functionalfitness #motivation #bodybuilding #strength #health #fit #strengthtraining #fitfam #cardio #exercise #personaltraining #mobility #hiit #sport #calisthenics #yoga #trx #gymlife #boxing #crosstraining #muscle #bhfyp

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