Everyone is a teacher…

When I think of starting a business of any kind, the one thing that I KNOW must be there and that is a “reason” for me to be involved other than making money! Money is important but a great small business is nothing if the owner isn’t highly and personally involved!

I make a promise, as a personal trainer , to every client that signs up and that is that I will hold out 2 hours every day for me to workout! Why? I know, as well as I know anything, that if I don’t “”walk the talk” and take excellent care of myself, that it would be impossible for me to adequately encourage others to do so.

Short story: I worked as an RN in CCU(coronary care) where 2/3 of the patients was there with heart problems due to smoking. Our job: if they lived through the “heart attack”, we needed to start showing videos about how to stop smoking and going over information about that. Because if continuing to breath was a “priority” for the patient then they “MUST” stop smoking!

Well, most of the nurses smoked themselves and went outside to smoke and would come right back in and lean over the patient in bed with that strong smell on their breath and asked them how the videos were going. How do I know? Being a non smoker, I could smell it on the nurses breath from 30 feet away! That’s like me eating twinkies all day long while training and telling my clients to never eat “BAD” things like “twinkies”! My point? What you are, what you do and how you feel about it is everything in helping clients to rise up and help themselves improve their life which then promotes great life everywhere they go! , especially in a health care type of situation as in personal training! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*

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