Why I enjoy training one client at a time!

I’ve had so many people tell me that I could make so much more “MONEY” by teaching a class. Well, if collecting $$$ made me happy, then maybe, just maybe I’d go for the cash! But it doesn’t! Now this is an article about Only myself and what makes “ME” want to get up in the morning and smile!

I really love training just one person at a time! Why? Because I know that everything taught to a client for their hour is up to me to connect with them and make sure they receive it fully! I look at it as teaching. I know if I needed to learn something that I would much prefer One On One! Think about it, if at any time during the session, my client can ask me anything and get the answer! I like knowing that after the session, all questions have been asked and answered and absolutely everything demonstrated. None of my time is pulled away to any other student. I also know that if I fail in anyway that I have totally failed because my client is 100% of my time. Why do I love that much pressure? Because I have dedicated my entire life to knowing, understanding and being able to teach everything about health and fitness of the human body! That’s why I spent 15 years in CCU! I love teaching and that’s why every day my clients get a “question of the day “ about the human body! I also fully describe what muscle, joint etc. the client is working on. If I had a class, it would be pretty difficult for all of them to see what I was saying. I like getting to know my clients as far as what their face looks like when they need a break or need me to push them harder. I know if anything is bothering them at all. Well, their is plenty more but I’ll leave it with this… I can’t wait to get to my studio every day! I get up in the morning singing and dancing like I was a little kid! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)* #functionaltraining #fitness #workout #personaltrainer #training #gym #crossfit #fitnessmotivation #functionalfitness #motivation #bodybuilding #strength #health #fit #strengthtraining #fitfam #cardio #exercise #personaltraining #mobility #hiit #sport #calisthenics #yoga #trx #gymlife #boxing #crosstraining #muscle #bhfyp

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