Before you decide…read a little!

Read this before you do “that”! I would say that if you have been training for a while then you probably know what works for you. If you are just starting then I would recommend doing “less” than you have on your mind! Why? Because your first goal, in my opinion, is to keep training whether you feel so called “benefits” or not. The #1 problem with most folks is that they start too fast, go too hard and then “burn out” or quit!

A great example of that is “New Years Resolutions” where even in the relatively short period, only approximately 7% of the folks keep going! Why? Look at their goals. All “big” changes! “Only going to eat 500 calories a day”! Is an example of what I’ve heard. Or “I’m going to run 15 miles/day” even though they don’t run at all now!

I am a personal trainer and for the last 7 years I would not sign up folks in January if they said it was a part of their “New Years Resolution”. I told them if they would come back in April or May with the same “passion” for fitness as they have now, I would sign them up in a heartbeat! Guess how many returned? That’s correct, ZERO! That tells me I’m making the correct choice! If I didn’t do this then they would be getting nothing and I would just be getting their money and helping very little! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*

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