Climb past them!

climb past them!

/>I have had clients that move away and want to know what to look for in a new personal trainer. So here are some tips that I have given.
•Look for a trainer that has more knowledge of the human body than just an online certificate. Preferably some hands on experience such as RN, physical therapist, Doctor, or even medical tech or an aid. Why? They are going to be telling you to do things with your body that you haven’t done and you should have the confidence in them that they know what they are working with. I mean would you have a person work on your car if they had only looked at pictures in a book?
•Choose a trainer, if possible, that has his/her own studio. Why? A trainer at a gym might be good but even if they are excellent, the gym they train at tells them what they can do. Ex. Most gym trainers are not allowed to have a full 60 minute session. Also, I believe trainers that have their own place, enjoy what they do much more!
•Choose a trainer that creates your workout as you go along. I used to do prepared sessions and walk around with a clipboard but what happens when your client gets to your studio and they have really thumped their toe and you have leg-day on the clipboard? Also, if your trainer can “build” your workout as you go on the fly, they will get much more out of it and you will get to know them so much more! I assure you that the better you know your client, the more satisfied they will be with a trainer like yourself! Thanks, The Trainer (RN #functionaltraining #fitness #workout #personaltrainer #training #gym #crossfit #fitnessmotivation #functionalfitness #motivation #bodybuilding #strength #health #fit #strengthtraining #fitfam #cardio #exercise #personaltraining #mobility #hiit #sport #Calisthenics #hoodriver #columbiarivergorge #oregon
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