A view from outside the window.

A view from outside the window.


In my opinion, from the standpoint of not being “left or right” but an onlooker, I see that when one side takes a stand then the other side seemingly automatically takes the opposite side. Then what follows is a lot of what I call “hate”. Then both sides attack me for that. Why do I call it hate? How can a world ever get along, assuming they want to, when they can use the same situations, same words and every time come up with a 100% different meaning?

As much as the left is tired of the right and the right is tired of the left, I am so tired of you both arguing all the time! Here’s what I think would happen if one side left this earth for another planet, say. At first the side that remains would throw a great victory party having removed their foes! But soon, the party that remains would start to pick on people of their own party and quickly create new enemies. Then we’ll have 200 years of that and a need to do something all over again.

You see, what I see is that the only “living” that ends up taking place is within the hate and fighting. That’s NOT what I call living. Again, that’s just the point of view from outside the window. Thank you. #personaltraining #fitness #personaltrainer #gym #training #workout #health #motivation #fitfam #fit #weightloss #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #boxing #strength #exercise #crossfit #gymlife #nutrition #hoodriver #strength-training #cardio #healthy #pt #bootcamp #instafit #fitspo #fatloss #healthy-lifestyle #bhfyp

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