And speaking of “great” storytelling…

Just finished this book. Could have completed it sooner but it was so good that I didn’t want this wonderful story to end!

As a kid, Andre Agassi was never once “asked” if he wanted to play, or liked to play tennis. It was a “GIVEN”! His dad wasn’t necessarily a bad person, actually a very good dad in many ways. The issue with his dad was that he was so “driven” about one thing and that thing (tennis) he “aimed” at his son! To be driven can be a good thing for “yourself” but when you PUSH it onto another person that doesn’t want it then that “driving force” is like a stray bullet and can injure folks that never signed up for your “little war” inside your head!

You think you know this incredible athlete on your television screen on the weekends when your family had such a great time and such awesome entertainment? Think again my friend! As a matter of fact, many things “told” by the press were just “sold goods” expected to bring in many dollars. You want the “matter of fact” of it, then get rid of the “middle men” as they say and COME IN CLOSE and straight in towards the “horses mouth”! Can’t get better than that! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)* #exercise #fitness #workout #gym #health #motivation #fit #training #fitnessmotivation #healthy #fitfam #weightloss #bodybuilding #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #personaltrainer #cardio #muscle #gymlife #fitspo #strong #instafit #diet #crossfit #wellness

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