And your name is Jona

1979 movie with Sally Struthers (married to “Meathead” in All in the family). It’s about a boy that was misdiagnosed as a baby of a mental disorder. So he was put in an institution until about 7 after they found out his issue was “deafness”. The biggest problem was the misdiagnosis because he had not learned any communication at all. So tough on the family and the boy, Jonah.

With movies, I try my best to put myself somehow mentally into one of the rolls. With this it was Jonah. Although that didn’t work, straight out,for me so I looked at it a different way. I wandered what it would be like to miss out on something early in life that most everybody had experienced. Then it hit me! I have, except what I missed out on, I ended up looking at it as a blessing instead of something I wished I had experienced(like Jonah not learning to communicate until 7 years old).

What did I miss out on that now I see as a positive? I grew up on a farm in Kentucky. My parents were simple folks. I cannot ever remember either of them speaking in terms such as, red and blue states, conservative or liberal, or Republicans and Democrats. It’s true! They occasionally talked about Presidential voting but I only heard them talk about the topics or what “things” they liked or didn’t like. So I grew up thinking that if you vote then it should be for the “issues” and not what “party” they happened to be in. My parents may have talked negatively, at times, but never about that person’s “grouping”, always what they thought about whether an issue would help or hurt the folks! So when I grew up and moved to a town, you can guess what a shock it was to learn about “politics” and how seemingly it brought on a lot of anger.

Watch this movie. It’s hard to stick with it at first because it’s painful to see but once Jonah learns to communicate, you might even drop a couple of tears. I know I did! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)* #personaltraining #fitness #personaltrainer #gym #training #workout #health #motivation #fitfam #fit #weightloss #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #boxing #strength #exercise #crossfit #gymlife #nutrition #hoodriver #strength-training #cardio #healthy #pt #bootcamp #instafit #fitsp

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