Don’t fear the (reaper) or yourself!

When “dieting”, don’t fear yourself. (or the reaper)


People often fear that if they give in and

eat more at Christmas (example), then they will not be able to control themselves (eating) at any time.


I strongly believe that this type of thinking is

what leads to so called “failure”


Because if you are always on the brink of

loosing control then it’s bound to happen


I feel that one must “play” with allowing yourself

to work on that control.


If you attack dieting like a “perfection” then

eventually you will fail! Why? Perfection isn’t real!


What is real? You working on your mind with choices.

You need to work your mind the way you do your body!

You don’t expect “perfection” from your body

realistically do you? If you have a “not so good”

workout do you get totally upset and quit?

No! Not usually.


Well you need to treat your mind and eating habits

with the same respect!

You need to have times that you CHOOSE to eat

differently because you CHOOSE to!

BUT, at the same time you KNOW that you

are choosing it for that day, that time and

it doesn’t mean that you’ve given up or that

because of your choice NOW, that it means

you choosing it for the future.

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