How can we endure past that original window of opportunity?

So right now there are several big issues going on in the world and many folks are taking advantage (which they should be, good for them) of the “timing” to exalt there message with wonderful “passion” during this “window” of opportunity.

My question is: “How can these folks continue their messages with that same passion after that “window” is closed?

I’m not asking whether you believe in their cause or not. That’s irrelevant, I’m asking from a “mental” standpoint. This fits into so many other things in our lives, including personal training. For me, I want to know because I have clients that are so excited at first and then that passion dwindles even though they are making great progress!

I have seen, through the years that during that “open window” time, folks are so “into” the “message” and when the time has past, they still “believe” in the same things but lack that “drive”!

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