Look at people’s entire life!

Ok, so hear goes!

There are many things I see on the internet that are asking for things that have a representation to someone in the past, to be taken down or removed. I just saw something about John Wayne, and that he made some terrible remarks in the early 1970’s and so they want to change, I think, the name of an airport.

What do I think? On one hand, I totally see why folks would be for taking these things down, and I think that is a very rational request. On the other, I look at a person like John Wayne and I ask myself, “did this man do any good for society?”. I, in no way do I want to disregard people’s pain. But if we try to demolish a person because of their “PAST”, do we only look at their negative? I hope not or I suspect after we all die, there won’t be “any” statues or buildings named after anyone! We’ll have start naming things after animals or inanimate objects.

It’s like our families, who hasn’t been upset about what a parent or sibling has said? My dad, used the “N” word way too often and I personally told him at least a thousand times to not say that word, but he went right ahead. So I suppose I could have never went back to visit my father after I left home, but I did go visit and I continued to tell him to not use that word. He did get to a point where he used it less often.

So, as I see it, there is no “perfect” answer. But in my mind and heart, I feel the least we can do when there is a call to remove or tear down something because of what a person said or did at one point in their life, is to “look” and “see” and “hear” what their entire life was like. Also, look and see if after making those statements, did this person “improve” in that area?

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