The Trainer (RN)* Whatcha get?

The Trainer (RN) watcha get?

 1 to 1 training
 Who’s in the “entire” studio when you are training? You & The Trainer (RN)*
That means that for a full hour you get all the equipment (no waiting for equipment), You get to probe The Trainer’s brain for any information you need. Remember that I was an RN IN CCU for 15 years and have been a functional trainer since 2006 so ask any questions about the human body you would like! That’s my specialty! I can’t tell you how to fix your car or your relationship but if its about the “Human Body”, I’m your man!
 What will I be doing? Training, of course, but I am constantly addressing your goals and constantly teaching!
 I am with you the entire time. (Yeah, lets get those goals)
 Free use of towels, listen to your music( nobody else around!), free bottled water!
 I’m big on learning about what it is you’re doing! Every day you will take a multiple choice question about the body and if you get it correct, you get a $2.00 gift certificate! If you miss it you loose nothing and nobody else there to know anyway!
 You choose your time slot and KEEP it until you give it up! I can’t even take it from you!

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