What is keeping us apart? A “one angled” view.

Hi, I’m writing today about the same thing

that is written everyday on social media(especially now).

It is about “hate” and how it is spread.

Hate is terrible in every setting, in every State and in ever country in the world.

Today I am talking about what I have seen in my life, as far as the most hate in general.

I’m talking about the “hate” between “parties” in politics, in the USA, specifically. That is where I see the majority of hate being spread in my little world. Again, it’s everywhere but this is what I come across the most often.

I don’t belong to a party. Probably because I was never taught what was good or bad between parties. I vote on issues, period. My parents never used terms like: republican, Democrat, red and blue, liberal or conservative. You may not believe that but it’s absolutely true! We lived on a farm and we talked about how the corn and beans were doing! So I don’t get upset about something unless I think it is morally wrong for the people as a whole. However, I have witnessed many people almost lose it because someone didn’t agree with their party( usually, they were from the opposite party).

As an “issues” person I vote when I think it will help the people as a whole. The one thing that can prevent me voting is anger, hatred between the parties. I do not know what to say to folks to help with anger because they apparently started building it up as a child(I’m assuming) the way that I was never told how bad a certain party was, etc.

I’ll leave it right there. I’m not telling anyone how or when to think. I’m simply saying that I am for ridding all “hatred”! Thanks The Trainer (RN)* #personaltraining #fitness #personaltrainer #gym #workout #training #fitnessmotivation #motivation #health #fit #fitfam #exercise #weightloss #bodybuilding #strength #gymlife #crossfit #nutrition #healthylifestyle #boxing #strengthtraining #cardio #functionaltraining #pt #coach #yoga #healthy #instafit #gymmotivation #bhfyp

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