Problematic: loving/ hating incorrectly

Have you heard the proverb “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. … “, I’m sure most folks have heard of it. What does it mean to you? Have you checked out your own “house” lately? Or are we throwing stones at other’s houses because ours is a mess and we know it, so attacking others helps us to feel better? Does it? Does it help at all? I rather doubt it!

As you’ve noticed, I also included “love”, why? Because we also find it so easy, sometimes, to spread so-called “love” to folks we don’t know as well. Why? I’d say because it’s very easy to send out “emotions” that we know we don’t have to deal with coming back at us.

So try this, save those strong emotions for folks that you get to know and can be in the same room with, looking into their eyes, where you both are held accountable in that moment, for your interpretation and responses of and to each other, and tell me how “easy “ then, it is to hate. Take care my friends! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*

Published by The Trainer RN Hood River

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