“People are complicated…”

There is something that one must accept when they decide to have a life of health and fitness. You must accept that nothing is “perfect”! After you do that then you get up each day and realize that what you do (that day) will not be perfect and may not even seem like it will help in the big scheme of your life but you know if you quit then your dream is over! So you continue each day to do what you can and just know that every move toward health and fitness is “paying off”, regardless of what it feels like “in each moment”.

So what the heck does that got to do with the upcoming election? Everything that each person does affects everyone and everything in this world. So everyone matters! Everyone that votes and everyone that doesn’t still holds weight. A non-vote says, possibly, more than a vote. If a person doesn’t feel comfortable about voting for one of the candidates then some folks look down at that person. Why? We know that every action and non-action has an affect on our world. So if someone doesn’t vote then maybe they “feel” that is their way of making an impact for Change? AHA! Maybe the majority of folks fear “change”? That’s a common “feeling” for humans, yet after “change” happens, many times the folks that didn’t want the change are the very ones “singing its praises”!

Yes, people are complicated! Love them anyway…


























Published by The Trainer RN Hood River

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