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20-30 years ago I was the most worrisome person I knew then or now! I worried so much that at times , when my mind was blank, I actually worried about “what i was supposed to be worrying about!” Imagine that! Now that’s some “BIG TIME” worrying!

What did I do to help (and help is the word, not extinguish)? I paid a few pennies for an old book called “How to Win Friends and Influence PEOPLE” – by Dale Carnegie. Published in 1936! Yes, an old book by an older man but I found that reading that book and applying my mind and allowing “TIME” to happen(take place), enabled me to do miracles in enhancing my ability to put worries where they should be!

Early on in reading this book I realized that to establish a great bond with the name of this book, I first had to dampen my aggressive “worrying” techniques! There is a section in the original book that gives you some insights about dealing with too much worry. The one that suited me best was called “the worry drawer”. You get a drawer to set aside all your worries for the week when they pop up. You tell yourself that you will worry over everything in the drawer at the end of your week. You set aside a 30 minute time slot (ex. Friday’s at 6:30 PM) then put all worries that you write down during the week into the drawer and don’t worry during the week BUT at 6:30-7pm Friday’s you make yourself worry over everything in the drawer! Remember, MAKE is the key word here because you will find that most things in the drawer have already taken care of themselves! But it is imperative that , for those 30 minutes, you make yourself worry as best you can over everything in that drawer regardless of it is still a concern to you or not!

I included TIME because nobody with a strong worrisome way of this is going to kick the habit very quickly! I’ll just throw out a number- 6, give it a good 6 months of doing this before you stop and I think you’ll find that you will have given yourself a wonderful gift of added TIME to your seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years because without as much worry, you have helped to set yourself free! Thanks, Rick




























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