Been preparing clients for this for many years!

No, I didn’t know that 2020 was going to go down the way that it has! But, I have always told my clients that the “beginning and ending” to their health and fitness does not lie within my studio walls alone! Since I started my personal training business in 2006, I have encouraged my clients to learn to do exercise techniques on their own(while having fun) and don’t just rely on me being here. Actually, I have went a little farther, anyone that has come to me without much previous exercise history, I have limited them to once a week for the first 3 months! Why? Because I didn’t want them to start off on the wrong foot, so to speak! New folks to fitness have a great opportunity to start their fitness life off properly and make it a lasting one! You’ve heard “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well that goes for us “two legged” creatures as well! So “learn” when you start training and don’t “insist” that you get exactly what you “think” you need! If you do then I’ll probably send you elsewhere because “I’m here to help you, not just take your $$! (I know that sounds old fashioned and corny these days but that’s just who I am)

Well, this is the year that that philosophy pays off! During the times fitness facilities have to shut down, don’t just do nothing! Remember what you learned and “create” your world! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*

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Author: The Trainer RN Hood River

I want to “help” you have fun and enjoy life. Most important is to assist you in living a wonderful and relatively “pain free” life! Trust me, you don’t want to spend half your life in doctors offices and hospital beds! The Trainer RN* 15 3rd st Hood River Oregon 97031 541-490-8717

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