Answering common questions

Unfortunately we can’t specifically and only lose fat from our belly – or any other specific site. We do not get to decide where we lose fat from. When adhering to a fat loss diet, our body will lose weight multiple locations at the one time. This is the reason that 2lbs of weight loss is relatively unnoticeable – those 2lbs were taken from multiple sites of possibly your arms, legs, butt, face, chest and back.

How do I lose belly fat?

Genetics play a vital role in determining where you lose body fat. For example, some people will notice an instant change to their legs when dieting, but not their stomach or arms. For others, they may only lose belly fat and hold the remaining fat in their legs. Do not be discouraged. Belly fat is regarded as “stubborn”. Consider a leaking bucket – belly fat typically represents the last of the liquid to leave the bucket. It’s 100% possible but it will take time and adherance.

Answering common questions related to the Exercise, Food and Lifestyle surrounding the gym.

Answering common questions
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