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Love getting any and all comments!

First, let me say thank you for commenting! Most don’t but I love getting comments either positive or negative because it gets a conversation going which is always good! In response to your input, let me say that if you would go to my website and review it you would see that I do not specialize in “self defense” or “competition boxing”, rather I train folks to work their bodies in a manner that helps them to have “fun” while not injuring themselves (my number one rule is to stop immediately if you have pain- no second guessing!) and also helps them to live into older age without a lot of pain. You see I was an RN in CCU for 15 years and saw way too much pain that was inflicted by the patients themselves!

I will say that if anyone asks me about self defense that I would tell them if you are fearful of someone that intends to do you much harm then I wouldn’t focus on “boxing”! You don’t want to win the round! You want to save your life! Again, thanks for commenting and if you would give me your business cards then I would gladly put them in my business card rack for all to see. We could always use more professionals in “self defense “ or “competition boxing!” Thanks and have a great day! The Trainer (RN)* #trainer #fitness #training #personaltrainer #coach #workout #gym #motivation #fit #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #health #sport #fitfam #coaching #muscle #personaltraining #gymlife #exercise #lifestyle #gymmotivation #healthy #weightloss #healthylifestyle #love #cardio #strong #boxing #fitnessmodel #bhfyp

Author: The Trainer RN Hood River

I want to “help” you have fun and enjoy life. Most important is to assist you in living a wonderful and relatively “pain free” life! Trust me, you don’t want to spend half your life in doctors offices and hospital beds! The Trainer RN* 15 3rd st Hood River Oregon 97031 541-490-8717

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