On “self defense”

First, let me say thank you for commenting! Most don’t but I love getting comments either positive or negative because it gets a conversation going which is always good! In response to your input, let me say that if you would go to my website http://www.thetrainerhoodriver.com and review it you would see that I do not specialize in “self defense” or “competition boxing”, rather I train folks to work their bodies in a manner that helps them to have “fun” while not injuring themselves (my number one rule is to stop immediately if you have pain- no second guessing!) and also helps them to live into older age without a lot of pain. You see I was an RN in CCU for 15 years and saw way too much pain that was inflicted by the patients themselves!

I will say that if anyone asks me about self defense that I would tell them if you are fearful of someone that intends to do you much harm then I wouldn’t focus on “boxing”! You don’t want to win the round! You want to save your life! Again, thanks for commenting and if you would give me your business cards then I would gladly put them in my business card rack for all to see. We could always use more professionals in “self defense “ or “competition boxing!” Thanks and have a great day! The Trainer (RN)* #trainer #fitness #training #personaltrainer #coach #workout #gym #motivation #fit #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #health #sport #fitfam #coaching #muscle #personaltraining #gymlife #exercise #lifestyle #gymmotivation #healthy #weightloss #healthylifestyle #love #cardio #strong #boxing #fitnessmodel #bhfyp

3 thoughts on “On “self defense”

  1. I get that you’re a nurse before and are now a bodybuilding trainer. But I hope you find time to train in the martial arts too. Self-defense is something that you can address better when you’ve experienced training like fighters do. I understand why some people don’t want to do impact training and other exercises that may be odd for bodybuilders or sports athletes. But it really is great to study how people punch, kick, do elbow strikes, perform headbutts, and the likes. With the knowledge, you can better understand how to treat them and make parts of their physique improve so that they won’t be hurt as much as they were ever again. Or for you to help them at least reduce their injuries. That’s all.

    1. Thanks for your input! The actual fighting part isn’t of interest to me but the striking and kicking of the bags is something I really like to include because your muscles, joints and tendons react totally different when striking as opposed to just resistance exercises. Thanks again!

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