Check those eyes!

Would you want to improve posture? Have less lower back pain? Not fall as much? Run faster? Not end a marathon looking at your shoes and very stiff? This is about using the scrolling of your eyes to get those benefits! A few things I didn’t include in the video. 1- you may NEED to turn your head. Let’s say you have scrolled your eyes up without moving your head. What you need to do is first scroll the eyes without moving the head, then keep Looking up with the eyes an then move your head. 2- This is not about NEVER MOVING your head, that would leave you neck stiff, take a total day off and move your head like you used to. Why? In training, their is never a time when where you don’t implement a few days off. One reason is that it will hold you back! You need to alternate with most things except machines. When you change for a short time, and then you change back, you want what we all need, we don’t forget neither of the things you are alternating. Enjoy working on yourself!

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