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I have always enjoyed training myself and others! I do “functional Progression training!” **see page** This is used for all of your movement needs in life,but actually directed at what you will run into as you go about your way, day to day! Check out my site and contact me if you’d like to get more involved with your health and fitness! Thanks! Rick

Call 541-490-8717 email rixterstufff@yahoo.com How to become a member of The Trainer’s Dream Team. (Become a client) Fill out form below or call 541-490-8717 1- schedule a 1 hour FREE consultation to determine if you and I are a good fit. We will discuss your goals and how “we” can work together to achieve them. Please bring plenty of questions. I was an RN in CCU for15 years and stopped so I could help folks with their health before they had to see nurses in the hospital like myself! So health questions are great to ask as well! This is a “discussion ” only session. \\\\\\ 2- sign a contract for 3 months once a week (all sessions are a full hour in length). \\\\\\\ See rates below. Everyone starts out with only once or twice a week for the first 12 weeks but after that you may sign up for as many times as you wish! This is for you! I have found over the past many years that if someone starts out doing “too much too fast” then their future fitness endeavors suffer. That is not what I want for you! \\\\\\\\ 3- show up with plenty of passion and a great desire to have fun achieving the goals “you” have set for yourself! Be prepared for training different than you have ever experienced in your past! Oh, also get ready to have fun! \\\\\\\\ Rates: one session $60.00 *3 month contract $38.00/session (this is what all new clients start with. After 3 months they may re-sign with any of contracts offered) As of writing this, the least expensive “one on one” training elsewhere in the Columbia River Gorge was $48.00/session. As far as their qualifications? I’ll let you check that out. Thanks, The Trainer @54 *6 month contract $36.00/session ===================== \\\\\\\ *** 3 & 6 month contracts get a [5% discount] if paid in full at signing.You may choose to pay equal monthly payments but do not get the discount. \\\\\\\ **** ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS**** • Every session client will get a health & fitness multiple choice question worth $2.00 gift certificate that you may turn in when you renew. • at resigning, 3 & 6 month contracts get a $25.00 health and fitness multiple choice question. • everyone designated as “Athlete of the Month” gets a $50.00 gift certificate • all current clients that refers me a person that signs up for a 3 month contract will get a $50.00 gift certificate! • every current client at Christmas time gets a $25.00 gift certificate 541-490-8717 (please text if possible)

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