What is functional training?

What is the key to functional training exercises?
The key to effective functional fitness training is simulating the actual activity that you’re training to improve. There should be a focus on doing similar types of contraction (eccentric, concentric, or isometric), speed, range of motion, and level of coordination.
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Everything You Need to Know About Functional Training – Aaptiv

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING prepares you for real living, not just getting another session in the gym! The Trainer

Functional training uses many more “angles” than simply “regular” resistance training.

Why do you want and “need” this?

Image you are a sculptor and you are told that you may only add a few “angles.” What do you suppose your sculpturing would look like? You probably would understand that your pieces would look like they are incomplete. You would be correct! But had you had the ability to move all around your work then you would have a chance to complete what is in your mind.

Pretty much the same for building your body! When you apply angles when building muscles or working on different joints, you have the same abilities as sculpting.

What else? When doing resistance training, if you only apply stress to the same area then it’s likely to create an injury! Also, a recent study proved that thinking about the muscle you are using then your body will benefit by getting 30-35% more muscle mass and strength! Amazing! The Trainer

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