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2021 Phoebe… ” he’s the best trainer I’ve ever had!”

Carmen from May 2021

I don’t know what it is about Trainer Rick. He is the most determined driven and unique guy I know. “The White David Goggins. ” His enthusiasm is contagious. He got me into running and almost killed me on a 10 mile run in 96 degree weather — got me to do a marathon and 4 half marathons and I have been running 4 miles every other day ever since, that was 2008. His story is amazing from a tobacco farm boy in the back roads of Kentucky to a Intensive care nurse to a world class trainer. Give him 3 months and Trainer Rick will change your life.

John Lockman

April 2019



“I’ve been going to The Trainer for a short time and am already seeing improvement. He truly motivates me, and his knowledge of the body gives me great confidence that I am being trained effectively and safely. Despite the challenging workouts he dishes out, the hour goes by so quickly because he’s really fun and is constantly teaching me things about fitness and my body. I never thought I’d “workout” randomly throughout the day, but as  he says, you can exercise anywhere. I jump up escalators and stairs, do ab crunches on the chainlink fence at work, etc. I have a whole new outlook. Thanks!” Landa John.

Written in late 2014. Pictures above were all from 2015 and 2016. The Trainer 

by Jeanie Seyfried on Apr 25, 2016
I’ve been working with Rick for 7 years. He has nurtured and encouraged me through several injuries. I’m positive I would have given up without his diligence, encouragement, kindness and vast array of exercises, techniques and creative ideas. I am a much better person for having Rick as my trainer and friend these last 7 years.
I encourage anyone who is thinking they want to be healthier to hop on Rick’s team. He won’t let you down, and he won’t let YOU let yourself down! He cares not just about the physical person, but the whole person… mentally, physically… the whole package! There simply isn’t anyone like Rick.


by Maria Dawson on Apr 25, 2016
Rick is an amazing human being. Although I have only really met him a few times both my teenagers (a son and daughter) have worked with him quite a bit. He is enormously kind, enthusiastic, professional and caring. My son really learned a lot from him about health and fitness. Rick was a great friend to him as well by encouraging him and talking to him about his interests and his problems. He was not just a fitness teacher, but he really took an interest in my son’s life. My son worked with him for about a year and really just got to a point where he had other things (like work) going on. Otherwise he would still be working with him.
My daughter is a ballerina and has had major issues with pain in her knees. She had done physical therapy, acupuncture as well as chiropractic. Her main issue was strength in her legs and Rick was really great working with her on it. In fact, his help garnered more results than anything else. His workouts are custom to the client and he would do things that she hadn’t done in physical therapy. She worked with Rick for 6 weeks and felt a lot better.
Rick makes things fun for the younger people by teaching them how their body works and how to take care of themselves. You can tell he gets a lot of joy out of helping people. He is truly passionate about his work and it shows. I would recommend him wholeheartedly and without any reservation. He’s amazing!


by Dave Brown on Apr 08, 2012

Rick Dant of InsideOut Fitness is a fantastic Personal Trainer, a dedicated and personable professional with over 30 years of experience. He helps others become the individuals they were meant to and NEED to be! I have been training with Rick for about 8 months now, and I have made so much progress in so many areas (weight loss, endurance, general health and wellness, toning, muscle mass, etc) I could go on forever.
Rick is “The Trainer” of the Columbia Gorge area of Washington and Oregon for a reason. He loves what he does, he “Walks the Walk” and he’s just really good at it!
Take advantage of the rare opportunity to rely on a trainer who is not only an RN, but has certifications and training in multiple disciplines.
InsideOutFitness has helped me reclaim my life! That is a fact! Look at Rick’s comprehensive Website, Youtube Channel and Facebook page. The results of him helping others get fit is shown in healthier bodies and smiling faces!
Do yourself and your loved ones a favor; call or e-mail Rick, and sit down with him for a free, “no hassles” (really!) 1 hour consultation.
If you can do your part, Rick will invariably do his part!
It doesn’t need to be New Year’s Day to really commit to a better and healthier path. Become lighter, healthier, stronger, happier and more fully engaged with living life, not just putting up with it or dreading the next day. Rick will introduce you to so many ways of exercising and so much varied equipment that you will never get bored!
Guys, if you could get fit and maintain it on your own you would have already done it. That’s the bottom line. I don’t mean to sound harsh but there is no miracle in a bottle, or book of hidden wisdom that will enable you to not put in the effort. Make your health, fitness and happiness a priority so that you have the energy, skills and outlook to help others!
Sit down with Rick at The Trainer’s Table and do what it takes to become a part of Rick’s Dream Team.
You won’t regret it.


“Great training and education! Always giving and concerned about you and reaching your goals. The Trainer has a positive attitude and helps you stay on track. I go once a week and can tell a big difference! I’ve improved my running time and am amazed at how much stronger I feel. I Haven’t ever had these results going to a gym!” Lynda Esaacson


“The Trainer really does know everything about functional training and he does have the most functional training equipment!” Ingrid Deleon



by Julie Wyatt on Apr 26, 2016
I’ve been working out with Rick for over 4 years. He really knows his stuff and always has something new to do. I’m so much stronger and healthier thanks to all the workouts. I have some serious joint issues and Rick is always able to come up with a different exercise that I can do when one bothers my joints. I can do things I never thought I would be able to do so I’m really happy with the results. I’ve been to tons of physical therapists and none have reduced or eliminated a lot of the pain that I had for years. If something starts bothering me again I just tell Rick and he gives me some exercises to do and that usually helps it to get better. Trust me it is worth every penny, sign up today you won’t regret it. 🙂




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