Hood River Oregon “The Trainer”


“The ultimate goal” of


(Consistently moving forwards)


If you go in the direction that your heart and mind are pulling, you really can’t go wrong… if you do the opposite, well…

The Trainer (RN)*

Get advise from everyone but in the end you are left alone to experience the results…

The Trainer (RN)*

I was 12 and started lifting due to a bully 4 years older. Most ridiculed me (for exercising, family & friends) but when the bully saw increased muscle size on me, he stopped. It took a while longer for everyone else to stop! Sometimes in this world, you will need to “ride alone!” Don’t stop! KEEP MOVING FORWARD! The Trainer (RN)*

Every good thought deserves a chance. The Trainer (RN)*

Any idea dismissed may never come around again…

When I was a young man,
I worried so much about
everything that if I realized
that I wasn’t worrying, I’dworry about what I couldn’t remember
that I should be worrying about!
•••If you can’t ACT, then for goodness sake’s don’t WORRY!
(It makes no sense) The Trainer (RN)*

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