“Goes a long way” – Health Magazine. The Trainer Columbia River Gorge 

goes a long wayFrom Health Magazine   Young boxers like Savay Drummond wear gloves inside the ring as well as during punching-bag work.

Superhero! The Trainer Columbia River Gorge 

green light for sparringFrom Health Magazine   Brandon Belen, age 14, was eager to spar from the moment he started training a year

Be capable of moving as your body appears it can. The Trainer hood river 

Get functional! Actually be able to move to match your looks! The Trainer Boxing/Functional Training Club Hood River   http://www.thetrainerhoodriver.com #thetrainer #hoodriver#personaltrainer #functionaltraining

Prefers boxing to basketball! The Trainer hood river 

everyoneFrom Health Magazine The AAP recommends that doctors steer young people away from boxing, and toward non-collision sports such as swimming, tennis,

Is boxing safe for kids? Health Magazine…head injuries…The Trainer hood river 

Is boxing safe for kids? Health Magazine. Head injuries rareFrom Health Magazine Donald Kirschner, 80, has been a manager at John’s Boxing

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