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How about a little “control” with that life?

I was 12 and had grown up on a farm in Kentucky. It was a hard way to grow up but I wouldn’t find that out until later in my life. Needed something for comparison.
I didn’t much like my life. Didn’t know why? I rode the school bus every day and there was this older kid that would beat me up almost every day. I didn’t know why? He didn’t say. Nobody seemed to care. I guess that fit my life as much as anything. One day I went with my parents to town and found “Muscle & Fitness “ Magazine and that got my gears turning in my head. It was right there when my life changed. Not so much from how I looked but from a standpoint that I could possibly vision me “taking control “ of my little world. Until then I didn’t feel had any control.

The answer for me is “both”! Use both self motivation and your surroundings for only as long as they are needed.
Take working out for example. I can work out with more motivation at my studio where everywhere I look, it yells out “training”, “exercise” and “play”! Now when I try to train at my home, everything around me says, “home”! I look to my right and I see a refrigerator, left… television, forwards… laundry, you get the point! So what surrounds you is very important.
Now this is important… “self motivation” is extremely important if I want to “maintain” that wonderful feeling of “I can do this myself“! It’s more difficult early on to use self motivation, but if your goal is to continue getting into better condition and to not “slide backwards” then SELF is your key! I would suggest folks use more common sense and less of “patterned” ways of learning. Common sense says to use what you need at the moment to advance but never intend on “staying” there! Be open to flowing from one thing to another and never attach a specific thing to what you do. Example: never set up a 1-3 month “plan” ahead of time. Why? You’ve just dug yourself a hole and declared that regardless of how well (or not) you’re doing you will “stick to the plan”
Your plan is to “just say no” to plans and yes to allowing your brain to “do it’s thing”! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*


When I think of starting a business of any kind, the one thing that I KNOW must be there and that is a “reason” for me to be involved other than making money! Money is important but a great small business is nothing if the owner isn’t highly and personally involved!

I make a promise, as a personal trainer , to every client that signs up and that is that I will hold out 2 hours every day for me to workout! Why? I know, as well as I know anything, that if I don’t “”walk the talk” and take excellent care of myself, that it would be impossible for me to adequately encourage others to do so.

Short story: I worked as an RN in CCU(coronary care) where 2/3 of the patients was there with heart problems due to smoking. Our job: if they lived through the “heart attack”, we needed to start showing videos about how to stop smoking and going over information about that. Because if continuing to breath was a “priority” for the patient then they “MUST” stop smoking!

Well, most of the nurses smoked themselves and went outside to smoke and would come right back in and lean over the patient in bed with that strong smell on their breath and asked them how the videos were going. How do I know? Being a non smoker, I could smell it on the nurses breath from 30 feet away! That’s like me eating twinkies all day long while training and telling my clients to never eat “BAD” things like “twinkies”! My point? What you are, what you do and how you feel about it is everything in helping clients to rise up and help themselves improve their life which then promotes great life everywhere they go! , especially in a health care type of situation as in personal training! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*


I have found that I get further towards
my goals, faster, and not returning,
if I am willing to accept the fact
that change only happens when
I am not fearful of tackling the
difficulties of transformation.
In essence: nothing easy please!
The Trainer (RN)*

Stress inside you means that you are concerned, One way or the other, with yourself and how YOU are feeling. What I do is to put the focus on giving to someone else that really needs to feel what I have to give. That can be manifested in many ways, such as loving, helping, solving issues and giving in so many other forms. You will be surprised at how the stress is relieved when the focus is away from you and directed at someone else where you are taking “action” as opposed to just “waddling” in your own space! Thanks, Rick

Bodyfat is removed “only” on a percentage base. What? You’ve heard it many times that it is impossible to spot reduce fat. That means that you can’t work your stomach and expect it, alone, to lose extra fat! So losing by percentage base is the “only” way! That means every area of your body you start with 100% of that specific area and if you loose 5% fat(example ) then you will lose 5% of the fat in that area. You have more fat in different areas so it will appear that you lost more in your troubled areas. But what happens is you always loose that percentage of what fat is in that area. Thanks Rick

We have went for way too long stating and thinking that if we work a muscle harder and faster or slower at one angle, or direction, that the entire muscle will be worked and affected! Sorry but that cannot and has not ever worked that way. Why? Because one may actually “carve” your muscles with resistance applied to different segments of the muscle (just opposite of ridding oneself of body fat), just like Thanksgiving diner! But how do you carve a “turkey”? Cut at different angles! One angle, like regular standing bicep curls will increase strength somewhat and get bigger but you will lack strength at other angles(as in life), and definition will be hard to find! For definition, one must have more than “big”! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*